Trend Spotting

During the summers of ‘09 and ‘10 I spent time in Uganda, East Africa. Inspired by the color that was seemingly integrated in all aspects of life in Uganda, I came up with four colorways that particularly inspired me. Upon returning home I researched the current fashion trends to make sure that the colorways would fit in with contemporary styles. Below, I’ve created groupings of the original inspirations of Uganda (the images on the left-hand side of the page) and their translation into the fashion world (the images on the right-hand side of the page).


Colorway #1: Blackberry

Color is everywhere in Uganda; simply walking through a early-morning marketplace served as inspiration for colorways. “Blackberry” was inspired by the fruits and flowers of Uganda.


Colorway #2: Peridot & Dorado

In Uganda wherever life can grow, it does. Technically, the time I was in Uganda was considered the “dry” season. Yet, somehow, everything was lush green.


Colorway #3: Dusted Gold

I kept a drawing journal of observations that interested me. In this journal I also collected color samples by rubbing organic findings onto the pages. While waiting in front of a hardware store in downtown Masaka, I noticed the soil near me and then collected nine completely different dirt samples within a nine-foot circle.


Colorway #4: Carnelian Sunrise

Uganda has been upturned by war for decades. My expectations of destruction were dissolved in unexpected ways by the faces of those most affected by this turmoil. While in Gulu, I found great beauty in the multi-colored bricks of a destroyed schoolhouse.



After applying my final colorways to textile patterns, which were also inspired by Uganda, I achieved the following results.