Trend-spotting Process

While I want my color schemes to be on trend, I also want them to reflect me. Because of this, my trend-finding process usually consists of me collecting things I'm inspired by and then matching that inspiration with current trends. Below is a sample of this process, inspired from trips I had recently taken to Uganda, East Africa. *Nota bene: This particular trendspotting collection is from 2012 and is outdated at this point.

Colorway 01 Blackberry

Color is everywhere in Uganda; simply walking through a early-morning marketplace served as inspiration for colorways. “Blackberry” was inspired by the fruits and flowers of Uganda.

Trendspotting Inspiration Uganda Blackberry

Original Inspiration

Trendspotting Inspiration Fashion Blackberry

Fashion Inspiration

Colorway 02 Peridot & Dorado

In Uganda wherever life can grow, it does. Technically, the time I was in Uganda was considered the dry season. Yet, everything was lush green.

Trendspotting Inspiration Peridot Uganda

Original Inspiration

Trendspotting Inspiration Peridot Fashion

Fashion Inspiration

Colorway 03 Dusted Gold

There were so many strikingly different colors of dirt in Uganda. In one small space I found nine different swatches. This colorway is inspired by those nine swatches.

Trendspotting Inspiration Dusted Gold Uganda

Original Inspiration

Trendspotting Inspiration Dusted Gold Fashion

Fashion Inspiration

Colorway 04 Carnelian Sunrise

Uganda has been upturned by war for decades. My expectations of destruction were dissolved in unexpected ways by the faces of those most affected by this turmoil. While in Gulu, I found great beauty in the multi-colored bricks of a destroyed schoolhouse.

Trendspotting Inspiration Carnelian Sunrise Uganda

Original Inspiration

Trendspotting Inspiration Carnelian Sunrise Fashion

Fashion Inspiration


After applying my final colorways to textile patterns, which were also inspired by Uganda, I achieved the following results. The full set of textiles can be found here. More color schemes can be seen here.

Trendspotting Result Blackberry
Trendspotting Result Peridot and Dorado
Trendspotting Result Dusted Gold
Trendspotting Result Carnelian Sunrise
Trendspotting Results

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